My Dreams


I thought about it last night; I couldn’t sleep as usual

and it kept going and going on my mind,

like drops of rain running through ur body

it wouldn’t stop unless I escaped.

but of course that meant to stop thinking as well as feeling,

and I didn’t want that by any means.

It kinda disturbed my dreams, but they were part of it; and therefore

‘Those’ were my dreams.

It’s as if I were sleeping all the time, dreaming and thinking consciously

Or maybe awake and unconsciously not being capable to differentiate

between reality, fantasy, love, pain, good, bad,

angels, humans, friends, life or death.

It’s so hard to live…or dream a life this way;

not knowing if the tracks you’re following

or the path you’ve constructed, remodeled, invented or imitated

will guide u to the end of it; to that door, that closes upon you if u don’t bring within ur soul

what u were supposed to come across,

having accumulated it all the way there, so that u can give it to them…completely

in order to cross that bridge, free, weightless;

and go on with ur journey without regrets.

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