Why give me the burden to solve your problems,

and carry the baggage u couldn’t handle ..

those eventually generated even more for me to carry;

just because u couldn’t handle it, just because u gave up, just because u knew…

there was going to be somebody like me, who the task was going to be assigned to;

Just because… U surrendered.

I guess they thought I was strong,

They don’t make mistakes; they know what they are doing

They don’t hurt u, they don’t lie to u

They know what ur end is going to be…Or maybe, ur beginning.

But they don’t tell u anything, just place it in u like that…

As unexpected as love could be.

But I guess I’m weak, weak as a fallen leave in autumn

that might rebirth from that same root that gave its green,

But it might have another color, shape, texture and endurance this time;

and who knows…It might last until summer…Only they know.

Well, then, I’ll be proud of my root,

I won’t resent anymore the burden it left me when it gave up on this world.

I know everything happens for a reason, for they know it all;

It’s just that sometimes; I can’t bare the idea of being left alone

in this world of my own, with all the burden to carry on, and not knowing how to go on.

It’s hard to move on with all this baggage that now to me belongs.

I have to finish what u left undone, and do it with so much proud on my own,

for when I get to the ending point…I will have nothing to pass on.


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