I found myself crossing this path the way I’ve done it before. I kept walking and walking without noticing my surroundings. Everything was so colorful and at the same time so opaque for my eyes that I didn’t see anything different that day. All of a sudden, I heard something; it seemed as if all the rowdiness were silent for a few seconds. I turned around and there it was, lying in the middle of my ordinary path. It was so shiny and perfect that I was tempted to grab it and take it with me; besides, I found it, and it belonged to me.

        Who could have done this? Who could have created such a beautiful fruit as this? Why would somebody stop me and tempt me in such a way? I’m just ordinarily walking my path and don’t want to see or experiment anything different than what I already know. Although this creation; it looks so perfect on the outside that at this point, I believe I’m too tempted to even think of the consequences.

        I bend down and grab it; my hands get all dirty and purple. As I examine it carefully, while still thinking about my decision, even my thoughts get filthy and I realize I need to get away. Not everything as stunning as this fruit will be what it seems to be. Nevertheless, I took it with me, I ran away with it, and I felt that was all I needed. It belonged to me, and I belonged to it.

It was quite a journey that day along this pathway. I have seen fruits of all kinds; I have tried many since then. Some were as beautiful as the roses but as hideous as its thorns. I wanted to see it all and I didn’t want to walk at the same speed every day. I didn’t like this opaque routine anymore and was tired of walking, I wanted to fly, and I felt my purple hands were my wings to conquer it all. This was the perfect fruit, the perfect creation. God had thought about me when he created this delicatessen. 

But one day; someone showed me a new fruit, a new creation, something I had never seen before; it was from the Caribbean. It wasn’t quite appealing; I thought I might never try it, especially like it. Besides, it didn’t get my hands dirty. But how could I possibly reject such an invitation? It was coming from someone who had a broad knowledge on the subject, someone who knew how many types of fruit exist in the world. Someone who knew texture, flavor and form, and especially he knew the difference between those.

Now I make sure to include this particular fruit in my diet, and to bring it with me on my journey everyday through my colorful pathway. I have it with me, but they are no possessions involved. Nobody belongs to no one, and I still see the rest lying in the middle of my exceptional path.


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  1. Carolina
    Sep 19, 2007 @ 14:25:25

    Tambien me gusto. Ya me di cuenta q con tus escrituras describes el tema pero dejas al lector con la  curiosidad. Osea q estuve muy entretenida. Estas hablando de la fruta prohibida pendex! Osea q te quedaste con la fruta prohibida y no se lo dijiste a nadie … eres una EVA. JAJAJA besos


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