Can life be any greater?

Can love be more fulfilling?

Can I dwell in eternity in this state of being?

Can the now last any longer?

Can the past dissipate in the nonexistent future?

Can I just be here now?





sometimes i just forget tomorrow and yesterday is non existent. Only  
then is when i see now.


Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

I wonder if there is anything like ‘unconditional love’? Why does love cause hurt, if its unconditional?

Definitely there is unconditional love. This love, in its very core, comes from within. It is what moves us in the direction of our true selves.

There’s a beautiful quote in the Upanishads that states:

“In all persons, all creatures, the Self is the innermost essence. And it is identical with Brahman: our real Self is not different from the ultimate Reality called God.”

Be careful when you say that “love hurts” – it is not love that is painful, but its absence.


from Paulo Coelho’s blog

Only the children are pressing their noses against the windowpanes

“They weren’t satisfied, where they were?” asked the little prince.

“No one is ever satisfied where he is,” the switchman said.

And a third brightly lit express train thundered past.

“Are they chasing the first travelers?” asked the little prince.

“They’re not chasing anything,” the switchman said. “They’re sleeping in there, or else they’re yawning. Only the children are pressing their noses against the windowpanes.”

“Only the children know what they’re looking for,” said the little prince. “They spend their time on a rag doll and it becomes very important, and if it’s taken away from them, they cry…”

“They’re lucky,” the switchman said.

from The Little Prince, chapter XXII, (1943)
by Antoine de Saint Exupéry, 29 June 1900 – 31 July 1944

Rules 06.30.10

From: me To: me CC: everyone
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> From: Lara, Liza
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> Subject: Rules


Welcome to the jungle! Where ur dreams can come true if u connect and mingle with their creatures and colorful, detailed and hidden mysteries that might not possible utter understanding and literary forms of communication but most likely you will decipher them if non-common sense, awareness, imagination and insanity find a balance with ur creativity and non-ego compassion, and then eventually we become the
jungle itself. That place that might comprise a waterfall and an Inca tribe right by Wall Street in NY City.
Some basic un-rules to follow and have a smooth but not necessarily safe journey during this short passage are these catalyst of suggestions to maintain a necessary harmony in an environment presented in different forms with mountains in deceit in every corner, charged with a kind of energy so dense, paralyzed by any kind of flow and petrified by fears that require miraculously acts of reflection and painful resonances of thoughts that produce unimaginable effects caused by the flexible and manageable mind.
1. Leave ur baggage outside and only if necessary just pick a couple of elements from it that you might feel are impeding to protect yourself.
During those cold, rough nights when you think that’s all the protection u need to encompass people and survive through the night, knowing of course that these masks won’t accommodate forever.
2. The animals here are free in an environment that provides them with just what they need. Uninvaded by our greed and hatred for perfection.
If you want to add to their happiness make sure that if u feed them, to replenish their resources, clean after them and return them as well as any tools or elements used in this process to their original, natural state.
3. Everything u touch, regardless which of ur senses is used, affects the cause and hence the effect. Therefore, be wary of the energy that carries you around in your exploring state and be responsible for the consequences that might follow. Once u r part of ur decision, fortunately we all become fingerless, meaning there’s nowhere else to point ur judgments but to swallow them, savor them, and better digest it accordingly because here at the closest yet uttermost unlimited jungle of all we can only provide with nature for ur malaise.
4. Given that plants, animals and indescribable mystical creatures and surroundings to be discovered once again are our only salvation and permit to continue, we must carefully use their resources without making them scarce, but on the contrary, We encourage the allegiance of forces with this primordial reserve in order to not succumb to the other already scarce, contingent, unnecessary and destructive element to the survival of the Pachamama and the Universe as one. Human beings, the addition to a mismatching equation we so innately belong to.
5. Lastly, creatures wander around free the area, so please act accordingly with their behaviors. Pay attention, look around, ur reckless decisions might cause the biggest harm to the least expected. Including urself.
Understand the connections with every blink. And if you don’t, then try not to blink for a while. Stay awake and THEN fall asleep, if you can.
Be grateful for this time. None of this was made for us. Its not here for us. Were here for IT. Ponder it while you can.

Outburst 01.08.11

I cant seem to find their destination. I can feel them originating indeed, there at the source, burning. They come to visit and want to be explored. Limitations constrain them and they shape like glass. Like boiling water in a plastic cup. They melt, they intoxicate, they evaporate. Their thoughts like fumes. They blind me, they hurt me, they push me, they cut my wings and kill my flight. If only said. If only expressed. They wouldve turn into only now. They wouldve flown to the unknown. Where they flow. They transform. They transmute to only love and gratefulness to its source.


Me pasa 8.5.10

Me pasa q veo lo q oi
Y me acuerdo de aquellos q vieron y oyeron
y cerraron los ojos
Y voy y toco y actuo,
dibujo un canto, bailo en mis silencios
y pienso con mis sentidos
y espero albas azules que toquen el fondo rojo de mi ser.


Shhhh 7.20.10

Silence. Peace. Shut my mind and open my eyes. Sleep. Don’t say. Don’t read. Don’t repeat. Stop ur mouth, it slows ur mind! The road is pathless. Nowhere to go. Drawings are vague. Not needed. I cannot see. But I can feel. So let it be. I’ll follow intuition. It flies. It flows. It doesn’t say. It doesn’t show. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t walk. It just does. Unknown.
Take my senses one by one and I’m left with no brain. I wont judge. I won’t say. I’m free. I Don’t need. indeed. I’m free. One path. One way. My journey. My way. I wanna be left alone. I just want to hear my own voice. Inner voice and a chaotic silence all around.


Miedos – 7.19.10

Le temo a la oscuridad xq es donde mas puedo visualizar la luz.
Y le temo al dolor xq mi mente se calla y mi cuerpo me habla.
Le temo al silencio xq es donde mas puedo escuchar con precisión.
Y le temo a la soledad xq solo ahí puedo encontrarme a mi misma.
Temo cerrar la puerta x si la fuerza de este acto cause una reacción con el aire y la ventana al otro extremo se abra de par en par poniendo en descubierto paisajes olvidados.
Porque al fin y al cabo el punto es solo recordar…todo lo olvidado, lo bloqueado y rechazado por el consciente corrupto x ideologías ficticias creadas x nuestro ego.
Y llegar a un encuentro con el inconsciente.. Q es el curso natural, y eventual.
Y quizá tema cerrar los ojos x esta tan simple razón. Por no querer conciliar el sueño y dejarme llevar.