Shhhh 7.20.10

Silence. Peace. Shut my mind and open my eyes. Sleep. Don’t say. Don’t read. Don’t repeat. Stop ur mouth, it slows ur mind! The road is pathless. Nowhere to go. Drawings are vague. Not needed. I cannot see. But I can feel. So let it be. I’ll follow intuition. It flies. It flows. It doesn’t say. It doesn’t show. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t walk. It just does. Unknown.
Take my senses one by one and I’m left with no brain. I wont judge. I won’t say. I’m free. I Don’t need. indeed. I’m free. One path. One way. My journey. My way. I wanna be left alone. I just want to hear my own voice. Inner voice and a chaotic silence all around.


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