Let me share…

Let me share the secrets embedded in all of us and help you realize the gift within you.

The sceneries and colors swirling in front and around you.

The vibrations waiting to be unraveled and help you go out and dance with the rainbows.

Feel the colors running through your veins and see the light that shines upon each one of us.

Let go and let it free or it might burn you inside

Driven by a force stronger than our will

Let’s just sit and wait for this magnificent manifestation.

Just close your eyes and breathe.


I Want to…

I want to dance in asanas and sing to the drums beat

and paint my visions of eternity and bestow them to the universe as gratitude for the most appreciated gift of all 

and to the divinity of the vibrations that God permeates to all beings,

moving and non moving,  seen and not seen

 in this unreal plane that we call life.



In one way or another I’ve fallen in love in each country visited so far.

Building up the tension and excitement for something new to come.

Of that new soul to meet mine half way.

Because as cheesy as it may sound.

We all desire that. 

To share.  To love.  To be loved.

 And most importantly to serve one another.