Dark days

When you have those dark days
where nothing seems to make sense
and  your strength is overflown
and your future seems so far
and your hopes are all crushed down.
Look up to the stars
and see the grandiose magnificent light
all above and around you.
It surrounds you and ignites you
and it always lives inside of you.
Just let that light shine above you
and light up the darkness inside of you.
It disappears as you blink
and feel all peace surrounds you.
Let only God do the talk now
and be in silence while it guides you.
Do not disturb your mind any longer,
let your heart feel and reason
the thoughts that move you to act at random.
You are here and now
and there’s nothing to worry about what surrounds you.
Are you feeling the light inside of you?
Let only that guide you.
Nothing matters more now
but how you experience God
within and without you.


Cuando actuas de una convicción mas allá de tu razonamiento
y el perdón transciende a compasión
Y tu bienestar sobrepasa la comodidad y conformismo de lo cotidiano y lo mundano
Entonces te alineas a un entendimiento mas allá de lo trazado por las masas,
por la ceguera del corazón y por un ego que traspasa la claridad de la realidad.
Te dejas guiar por una luz mas grande que no te da razón ni lógica
sino que te llena el corazón de valor y amor propio.
El precio a pagar es pasar la barra de la cobardía y mirar el derrumbe de tu alrededor
pues todo aquello que no te sirve se despojará
y al final sólo quedará un sentimiento de paz que nadie te podrá arrebatar.
Sólo Dios te dirá qué está bien y qué está mal y sólo tú lo sentirás.

I want to…

I want to allow myself to feel sadness and really feel it so pure that I can hear my heart cracking as it bursts into the depths of emotion.
I want to allow myself to feel so much while I connect to the source of my core.
To experience pure bliss and appreciate its passage.
To live the moment of my emotions so present and grateful knowing they too shall pass.




How can one month seem like a year, and a year seem like a lifetime?
How can a heart opening experience be so amazingly painful?
How is it that gratitude can make you cry so hard and make you feel so close to heaven?
Pain is the master and suffering is the lesson that we all need to learn, and graduate to teach gratitude, to show love, to be love.
There’s just so much more beyond what we see, and yet we walk so blindly taking our breath for granted.
If we could only stop and feel, the world will be a better place for everyone.
We are already in paradise, and yet we don’t see the light coming from within. Because we are so afraid. Afraid to feel and see and share the light that burns so bright.
It can blind us, confuse us, makes us feel so alone. Alone walking a path so hard to finally choose to follow, but once started we can learn to fly, to connect, to feel one.
It’s so easy to see and so hard to understand, and at the end we are not alone. We are all one.


Tears in my ears

Tears in my ears
Holes in my heart
It hurts so much I cannot breathe.
Drowning in sorrow
I’m blurred by its depth
I cannot breathe
I cannot see.
Pounding pain in my chest
I’m blind and deaf
Drowning in my tears
I cannot hear
I can only feel.



If I could only be of inspiration to anyone crossing my path, my life’s purpose will be served.
I want to shine divine light across to your heart, show you the way and carry you around unstable waters.
I want to touch with the healing power that you carry within, melt with your energies, serve you all the way.
Show you the gratefulness for this life and chant the sacredness of love that elevates my soul closer to you.



I want to be submerged in my dreams
Be lost in them
Awaken to a new reality
And never come back.
Sensory input that overloads my memory
Transcends my thoughts
And leaves me lost.
I want to empty my cells
Feel free and crawl and learn to walk.
Dreams so real
So hard to be awake
What is real?
What are dreams?
I choose where to live
And it hurts to wake up.
Divine guidance
So pure and clear
I can feel
but only when I shut my eyes.
Resistance to this
To an undistinguished reality
And it hurts to wake up.
So much to say
So much to share
Words like clumps
They don’t come out.
Vocabulary is shortened
And language is only a barrier to expression.
Another outlet to let it come out
If I could only figure that out
I wouldn’t need to sleep this much.
I want peace quiet and sing and chant and dance and paint
But I feel trapped, anxious, up and down no middle ground.
It’s time to sleep
Let me close my eyes and open my heart.


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