I want to be submerged in my dreams
Be lost in them
Awaken to a new reality
And never come back.
Sensory input that overloads my memory
Transcends my thoughts
And leaves me lost.
I want to empty my cells
Feel free and crawl and learn to walk.
Dreams so real
So hard to be awake
What is real?
What are dreams?
I choose where to live
And it hurts to wake up.
Divine guidance
So pure and clear
I can feel
but only when I shut my eyes.
Resistance to this
To an undistinguished reality
And it hurts to wake up.
So much to say
So much to share
Words like clumps
They don’t come out.
Vocabulary is shortened
And language is only a barrier to expression.
Another outlet to let it come out
If I could only figure that out
I wouldn’t need to sleep this much.
I want peace quiet and sing and chant and dance and paint
But I feel trapped, anxious, up and down no middle ground.
It’s time to sleep
Let me close my eyes and open my heart.


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