How can one month seem like a year, and a year seem like a lifetime?
How can a heart opening experience be so amazingly painful?
How is it that gratitude can make you cry so hard and make you feel so close to heaven?
Pain is the master and suffering is the lesson that we all need to learn, and graduate to teach gratitude, to show love, to be love.
There’s just so much more beyond what we see, and yet we walk so blindly taking our breath for granted.
If we could only stop and feel, the world will be a better place for everyone.
We are already in paradise, and yet we don’t see the light coming from within. Because we are so afraid. Afraid to feel and see and share the light that burns so bright.
It can blind us, confuse us, makes us feel so alone. Alone walking a path so hard to finally choose to follow, but once started we can learn to fly, to connect, to feel one.
It’s so easy to see and so hard to understand, and at the end we are not alone. We are all one.


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