Dark days

When you have those dark days
where nothing seems to make sense
and  your strength is overflown
and your future seems so far
and your hopes are all crushed down.
Look up to the stars
and see the grandiose magnificent light
all above and around you.
It surrounds you and ignites you
and it always lives inside of you.
Just let that light shine above you
and light up the darkness inside of you.
It disappears as you blink
and feel all peace surrounds you.
Let only God do the talk now
and be in silence while it guides you.
Do not disturb your mind any longer,
let your heart feel and reason
the thoughts that move you to act at random.
You are here and now
and there’s nothing to worry about what surrounds you.
Are you feeling the light inside of you?
Let only that guide you.
Nothing matters more now
but how you experience God
within and without you.

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