The Shift

We’re going thru a portal
Yes, don’t be afraid.
Just seize the change
And feel the pain.
It’s all within you
So just walk straight.
Let the energies flow thru your veins
And open your mind
So yo don’t hold tight.
These waves might be low
But the tides too strong.
So don’t hesitate
And just walk at your own pace.
You’re not alone
So don’t close up to these enormous waves.
Be quiet, be still, and just listen within.
What does your heart say
Why does your mind astray?
Be conscious and aware
For it is all here.
Just burst your bubble from inside out
And splash the world around
with that divine nature that you are.



Listen up!

When I stop and pay attention to my listening habits, I realize the patterns sometimes created in the communication process. From these awareness spurs an even greater understanding of the nature of the relationship with whom I exchange and give forth these listening skills. When I stop and check in into these patters I seem to take the wheels and direct the nature of the relationship I want to create with this person involved in these exchange of words.
Will I want to go deeper and not just listen but hear and understand the feelings behind the words being exposed and put myself into some sort of empath role or will I look and nod while only thinking about the moment the last word is pronounced so that I can begin my sentence, sometimes without having even listened to what the person had said?
Is really interesting to tap into these subtle reactions with different people, different subjects, different ideas and attitudes and even the voice and tone in which these ideas are being presented that automatically you tend to react without noticing.
So check in with yourself before you expect anything in return. Are you listening? Are you thinking about your next addition or do you have a genuine comment about whats being discussed?
Did you hear that? Yes, it is so important to polish your listening skills. Just as much as you wanna be listened to, Listen!
Everyone wants to be heard, listened to and understood. All it takes is your willingness to ‘lend an ear’ and you could create a chain reaction of good listening skills and deeper meaning in your words and relationships.


I’m stuck

I wanna scream and cry.
And laugh and dance.
But i cant fathom a smile
When all I feel is longing in my heart.
Palpitations that are stuck cuz i fear to cry and smile out loud.
They pinch my nerves and tighten my soul.
Im free to let go but i wanna hold on.
Theres desire involved.
To be one and all with the universal love.
And to share this deep connection of the soul with someone that knows, understands and molds with you.
Im stuck again because i want to let u know and words dont really flow.
Theres so much more to know, to see to plant and grow.
I dont wanna just float.
I wanna dive deep and comprehend this game of win and loss.
Unbidden feeling of love and lust wanting to be expressed and embraced.
Closing my eyes I open my heart.
My mind I shut and I can feel inside.
It burns so hot im blinded by the light.
I wanna give and give so much
It overflows and I drown.
Will you hold my hand once you climb and made it all the way up?
I wonder whats stops us from being free and surrender to the flow of the unknown.
And I go down once again.
Without restrain i slip and fall.
And u watch the lava and perceive its beauty as it floats down and melts away.
But you dont see beyond the burning bush.
Your senses satisfied.
You close your eyes and smell the roses around.
Receiving their light, their essence and taking it all inside your heart.
Im the rose. Im full of thorns, odorless and torn.
I need watering, nurturing and caring.
Appreciation that comes with understanding from your deepest conscious that love is not about being loved alone.
Its about giving receiving and letting go and dancing to the beat of reciprocality without expectations or should’s do’s and dont’s.
Im embedded by your essence.
I just wanna love and be loved.
And time will only know and teach me to let go and show me the doors along the narrow allies of this path that sometimes we need to walk alone.
We shall meet around the corner.
In the expansion of this love.
Without knowing what turns to take.
I keep walking knowing this long road will only keep going as long as it needs me to go.
We shall meet again in the corners and ups and downs of this divine illusion.
To know once again that we were never alone.

Feb 23, 2013



At first i had a crush on life, eventually i fell in love with it, and now i can truly say: life will u marry me???

The most hecked week of my life is over and i can finally breathe a different air… Thank u universe !!! lalala

March 7 2010
( on the plane on my way to India, after letting go of everything and leaving Miami for good)


Advice from me to me

Gotta live simple, I just need what i can carry on my hands.
Walk slowly, i must pay attention to my surroundings.
Listen to my silence, it has so much to say.
Keep it down and just listen carefully without judgments.
Dont worry about the next turn, God has drawed the maps for me already. Theres no rush. Ill be guided.
Use it, finish it, and leave behind any remainings which are not necessary.

June 29, 2011


Airplane bliss

It’s about perception
Im only your reflection
When you shine bright
The divine in you shines through
And you spread your light
Your love, your soul
And You flight high
Yes you shine bright
And then you see your soul
Reflected in all beings
And you taste bliss
Like a sweet kiss
And you love me
As you love yourself
Theres no separation
Only congregation
Of the highest kind
Yes you shine bright
Yes you spread love
You live love
You are Love.

Aug 29, 2012



What a glorious time to be alive.
To thrive through changing times.
To ride thru tides of bursting energy.
To witness the awakening of the consciousness.
To shine the collective soul thru years of repression.
To dance among the characters of this subliminal play.
Gratitude to the one. To all that is.
Abundance in all that we are. All contained within one.

Oct 3, 2012


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