I may post a thousand pics on Facebook and write about my feelings in one sentence and ‘like’ a bunch of pages and quotes and share articles and videos alike and enlighten you with some cool and viral links.
I might find and connect in ways thought impossible just a few years back. Attend ‘events’ and find out about things I want to experience all over the world.
I might be able to show my grandma the places I’m going when 10 thousand miles away, and give you a glimpse into my gipsy life with just one click…
But really, really.. Nothing will ever compare to looking into someone’s eyes, embracing each other and saying ‘I Love You’.
There’s no such ‘like’ button to truly express one’s feelings..
And no one will ever really know what that person behind the screen is really experiencing at that moment.
Yes FB thank you for the connection, I am blessed by having you in my life, as I am grateful for those who cherish my joy in between lines and clicks.
But seriously, no technology will ever compare to the simple power of touch and real connection.
We all long for this one way or another, or else why do you keep login in?
There’s so much more than meets the eye.

October 24, 2012


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