If i look up to the stars and i dont see you shine
If i look into my heart and i dont feel your beat
Guide my tears to the flowing river of memories
Awaken ancient thoughts
Make me sense your presence once again
To reaffirm my faith
To recover my strenght
Give me a sign that you are me
That i am you and we are all one
Show me the paths to the healing circle of life
Light up my wounds
Let me see them clear so that i can listen
To what you are trying to say
Transmit and vibrate your energies without restrain
Im here to hear. to heal. to serve.
Open to the possibilities of the unknown dark waters
Show me your light once again
Make me believe
Help me see
Walk with me
Im here
And your presence is within
So be with me
And dont let me forget you are in me

June 2012

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