Listen up!

When I stop and pay attention to my listening habits, I realize the patterns sometimes created in the communication process. From these awareness spurs an even greater understanding of the nature of the relationship with whom I exchange and give forth these listening skills. When I stop and check in into these patters I seem to take the wheels and direct the nature of the relationship I want to create with this person involved in these exchange of words.
Will I want to go deeper and not just listen but hear and understand the feelings behind the words being exposed and put myself into some sort of empath role or will I look and nod while only thinking about the moment the last word is pronounced so that I can begin my sentence, sometimes without having even listened to what the person had said?
Is really interesting to tap into these subtle reactions with different people, different subjects, different ideas and attitudes and even the voice and tone in which these ideas are being presented that automatically you tend to react without noticing.
So check in with yourself before you expect anything in return. Are you listening? Are you thinking about your next addition or do you have a genuine comment about whats being discussed?
Did you hear that? Yes, it is so important to polish your listening skills. Just as much as you wanna be listened to, Listen!
Everyone wants to be heard, listened to and understood. All it takes is your willingness to ‘lend an ear’ and you could create a chain reaction of good listening skills and deeper meaning in your words and relationships.


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