A day in my life.. Epic organic breakfast at Ollantaytambo, train ride with the locals to MachuPicchu for 3 bucks! Found the highest and weirdest  hostel by the river on Aguas Calientes (and on the door says “Spiritual Center” lol), best quinoa for dinner, steaming times at the Hot Springs, and the most amazing massage after that in town  by an angel, one of those sent from above, where serendipity is the greeter and life makes even more sense by the simple moments where you get to connect everything. And to “end” the night I walk into the hostel where a mamacha  dressed like a nun is walking before me and turns to me with a delicious sundae ice cream topped with cherries and chocolate, and as I open the door for her she offers me this “amrita” this nectar, as if saying “Here darling..taste the sweetness,  keep enjoying  life to the fullest, cuz at the end is only more sweetness waiting for you” .. Ahhh Wahe Guru!  Now off to sleep to the sound of water and the smell of the Apus married to the moon… (and a loud typical party  down in the corner that I hope ends soon 🙂 )


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