Dear Stress:

Dear Stress:
You are stressing me out
Itching me down
Spinning me up
Dizzing me down
Hang overing me out
From sleeping in and not waking up.
You make me hungry
And I light up another smoke.
I need to stretch my body and my mind.
I need matcha green tea not coffee with milk.
Stop procrastinating do something right now.
Why am i clouding up instead of clearing up?
I have a routine now I can make it less stressful.
But for some reason I’m unmotivated, part of me craves change
Part of me dreads it because I’m tired of carrying change on my shoulders.
I need nature.
I need mountains and trees and greens all around me.
Surrounded by fairies with dusted sparkles in their eyes.
I need dance and movement and love in every corner.
Why can’t I see it and enjoy it all the time everywhere around?
It’s inside of me so why not shine it to the world. I know.
Make it explode, blind you out and protect you from the concrete.
I can’t even write. it’s so hard to find inspiration but no. I know how easy it is. Just come back to your center.  Find you within. Peace lays in there.
Just meditate and chant and pray to god that this too shall pass.
And all is good and all will be always good.
And so it is.
And so it is.
Miami April 2013

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