Pele energies… Big Island, Hawaii Sept 2013

As the clouds fade away
The stars begin to flicker their light
And the rain comes and washes away the density in the air.

I float in magnificence as the darkness become clearer.
I dive deep down the obscurest shadows of the ocean
And get lost in the uncertainty of the journey.

I submerge in the depths of the waters of my being
And start awaking to the light hidden within me.

I see beyond the layer of the slow unfoldment of this treasure
And dive deeper cradled and nurtured by the hands of perfection.

I surrender and flow with energies overwhelming me
And as fears try to check in
I stop and witness like an outsider the divine power that holds us all.

I rise above the surface to inhale my prayers and let go of my expectations.

The rain is gone and the starts flicker rapidly as I take flight to dance with the moon
And shine my light like the sun.

Pacha Lila
Sept 1st 2013 pahoa big island


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