Beloved sister…

February 24, 2014. 

Oh beloved sister of mine

You are an angel in disguise 

And the devil dressed in white

All rolled into one, yes you are infinite and divine

A sweet reflection of mine

You can bring the feminine from inside out

And show me the masculine hidden within and without.

I have no words to express my gratitude
For you have truly seen me wholly and fried

And accepted me for who I am

And loved me fully 

And held me broken 

With all your heart.

I feel you inside 

Like you are my twin sister 

from some other time, 

My lover from the past,

My best friend, my soul mate from here and now .

You are a paradox in my life

You bring the worst and best to my eyes

Emotions that have no place to be expressed

And Feelings that spur bliss  

Conflicted with the shadows that overcast our fears.

Karma gets worked out 

And I spell out my grief

And I feel dismissed

Rejected by an all pervasive lack and disbelief.

Does empathy have a place?

It might just save the day!

Because I say- we might just need a bit of give and take

So we don’t end up drained at the end of the day. 

I come and go and you take and leave 

I wish words could express 

What your actions so easily manifest

So emotions wouldn’t be at stake

And confusion wouldn’t take the first page.

I wish, I say, but i don’t want you to change a bit

I love you for who you are and accept you just as you see me thru your eyes. 

I just hope we can always work it out 

And love each other unconditionally 

Without reservations or demands.

So Let’s just try to be that person we would like to see,

In you and in me,

And we might just become one indeed. 

In love, in peace, in all. 

I love you so. 
Lila – Maui, Feb 24, 2014

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