To my ancestors

May 15, 2015

Through my veins runs the grief that once poisoned your blood.

My cells feel the pain that pressured you to feel and hide away.

I am one with the beating of your fears and the pulsating desires that cry for help.

I’m the unheard prayers of your lonely nights.

I’m the tears of your solitude that led you to the depths of your soul.

Where you found yourself and got lost again and again.

I’m here to thank you for the gifts of this pain.

I transmute all emotions into only love and receive this baton with grace and respect for the journey ahead.

For a clean slate where grief will not rule my world and bury me away.

I choose to let go of all your suffering for it cannot longer contaminate my blood .

I’m pure and clean and open to receive all the greatness you left for me to carry on.

I’m here to accept all the love you had and held within your heart.

It is safe for me to love and be fully loved. 

Sometimes you lose 

Sometimes you let go.

You let go of all the love you have for the ones that left before you. 

You transform it and use it to heal yourself. To heal the world. 

From the inside out. 

You accept that you will die too and it will be ok to love so deeply. 

And let vulnerability expose the greatness of your infinite love. 

And it’s ok that sometimes no one will understand this love.

Keep your heart open for only this love will heal all those wounds. Wounds so deep from a past so beyond history.

I am your memory, and yet I recreate the stories, for I am right here right now and I choose to be what I came here to do, unattached from the past.

Clearing my karma to fulfill my dharma. 

Lila –  May 15th, 2015 Lima, Perú

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 13:53:11

    beautiful ma belle Li…thank you for being warrior goddess ❤


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