Water song 

Stone Dam / Kauai Dec 2016

Limpia madre mis ojitos 

Y Abre mi corazón 

Cura mi cuerpesito 

Bendice mi espíritu 

Agua agüita pura 

Fluye fluye multicolor 

Para que todos tus niños 

Puedan sentir tu amor. 

Oh agüita fervorosa 

Transforma mi dolor 

Llévate muy caudalosa 

Las memorias del temor 

Ven cantando tu canción 

Que me alegra el corazón 

Ven bailando tus mensajes 

Que me curan con amor 

Agua madre divina 

En tu vientre soy picaflor 

Voy abriendo voy fluyendo

Y en la noche soy tu canción 

Voy abriendo voy fluyendo 

Y tu esencia es mi perdón 

Agua madre divina 

En tu vientre soy picaflor . 
Lila – Kauai Dec 2016

Water song translation:
Mother cleanse my eyes 

And open my heart

Heal my little body 

Bless my spirit 

Pure  pure water

Flow flow multicolor

So that all your children 

can feel your love. 

Oh fervorous waters

Transform my pain 

Take with your mighty force

The memories of fear 

Come singing your song

That fills my heart

Come dancing your messages

That heal me with love

Water Divine Mother 

In your womb I am hummingbird 

I’m opening I’m flowing 

And at night I’m your song 

I’m opening I’m flowing 

And your essence is my forgiveness 



When we come together as one

 And we open our hearts

And let our voice rise up 

We let love in 

And the light within 

Sparks between you and me 

And we elevate the vibe 

That holds duality up on a thread of doubt

We remember to trust 

To surrender to let Jah guide 

We recognize the one 

By dancing prayers to the land 

We bow our heads down 

To the beauty all around 

Holding space for the growth 

That occurs as we let go

We give thanks once again 

For this gift 

This present moment 

Is all we have!
Mahalo Ke Akua to this Aina, for its gentleness, its beauty, its magnificence that blasts me open everyday and never ceases to amaze me.  


May 2016


June 2016
Thoughts meander through my mind like a river of contaminated dense and colorful waters. I feel the darkness crippling in. I feel the intensity of the push. I cry the pain of the shedding of these walls. I scream the anger for the timing it shows me. It penetrates. It rushes me. I’m ready. I’m tired. Not a caring hand and kind heart to hold me thru. Relentless fury. Sadness. Remembrance. Aloneness. Abandonment. 

Unmotivated to continue. In between worlds. Constantly. As I see the edge and I see the depth. Desire to disappear and hide. Boiling waters that burn my soul. Stagnant energies that cripple my body. In the darkest hour. You and me. Me and me. I. 

Fuck this pain. Fuck this body. Fuck the world and fuck everyone that says that care. Because when I die they’ll regret and say “I had no idea” . Just as the Earth does and the oblivious minds continue to diminish her to the ashes she once came from. Death and rebirth. Transmutation. Pain. Suffering. Joy. It all fits in the palm of my left hand as it cramps and numbs and itches from the nerve pain coming from my brain and my aching heart. As I feel it all. Yours, mine, no longer able to discern. Constant shooting and reminders that I am so alive and yet feel so dead at times. Reminders that Im still here when all I wish now is to be ashes with the earth. 

Hopeless. Alone. Surrendering once again to the unknown. Where would it take me now? I have no more force. Up and down, the hero’s journey, the wounded healer, fuck all of these theories and science and spirituality, I can’t take no more. I see it all around, I see the beauty too, the gems, the caterpillar’s struggle, the perfection of it all and yet it’s clouded by the pain and it collapses me back to the source of all suffering and it blinds me from the magnificent gift this life and my life is. It confuses me as I can’t see anymore and all I can is only feel a shooting spasm that contracts my heart, presses down my spirits, fucks up with my emotions and I get lost and disoriented. Fire burning down, dissipating, life force evaporating from my soul. 

I give thanks for this experience. Be it death or life I’m ready for the next step. Initiation to the next realm within my seeking starving soul. 

Lila June 2016


Love Song

Kauai’i April 22th, 2016


I wanna lay on the ground

Lay down with you

So close your heartbeat

Syncs up to my song


I wanna be free

Freedom to love

To hold you in my soul

To let go of your being


And when I look into your eyes

I find myself home again

Tremble from my core

As I get lost in you


I’m letting go of my fears

And let myself just feel

The depths of emotions

This pure love stirs


I’m saying yes to myself

And to allow more in

The journey begins

This love from within


I’ll see you in my dreams

Realities coexist

I’m now one within

I’ll find you in this dream

I’ll love you from here

And accept what it is


Iao Valley 

Iao valley Maui
Dec 4th, 2015

Look up to the sky 

You’re a sparkle in god’s eyes.

Don’t let doubts cloud your mind 

And let the light you are 

shine across all kinds.

Let the love fill it all 

And service be the medicine you come upon. 

Stop judging yourself 

And project none at all.

For we are all here to remember our truth

And the paths we carve not always cross. 

Forgive your heart and remember that at the end 

love really conquers all.

And what’s left if not the memories of what could’ve gone. 

So say it out loud 

show it with compassion 

sing out all your sorrows

dance it. paint it. cook it. write it. 

and make love with your heart.

and forget about your past.

Be here now.

You’ll be gone in a blink of an eyelash.

So melt in your soul as we all become one. 

Trust in the One!

Jah Jah Jai Jai Ma! 


I will die a thousand suns

5-27-15 a poem

I will reborn for a sight of you.

An embrace well worth a thousand deaths.

I will endure the pain of letting go just so that I can hold onto your touch once more.

I will die once again. I am gone, I am dust.

My heart stopped beating and now I can hear yours. 

Take me away, where all our souls can reunite in peace, in bliss, in love.

I shall meet you on another plane. 

Where harmony is our friend, and a look into your eyes tells me it’s all okay.

Eternity is that place that transcends all time and space. 

Our love lives forever in that plane. Where neither life or death will take you away. 

We sure will part ways once again. 

And my heart will beat faster to remind me that I am alive, and left behind, with a pain that might never dissipate with cries. 

Until I can hear your heart beat against mine and mend the cracks that pull me down. 

I shall see you again, on that plane where love is eternal and transcends all time and space.

Up to heaven and down to earth. In that space in between where minds don’t exist. 

Where we all can finally simply coexist. 

Lila- May 27th, 2015 Perú


New moon blah

August 25, 2014

We think we need to have a plan and carry on our illusions and rush to the end line as if we had the power to control the journey. when in reality all is mapped out for us. The divine plan is constantly in action. The currents will eventually take us there or maybe we are already there. In perfection. No need for ‘shoulds’ and ‘dos’. Who do we think we are that we have a say in this game? We are servants of this universe. Spirits’ slaves that need to surrender to the divinity of the flow of life. And if we don’t… well, then the cut gets deeper. The wound hurts and the swelling inflates your mind so much that eventually your ego explodes. Wide open. Exposed. 
Ah the beauty of nothingness. Where you lay your wings and trust that is all taken care of while at the same time working to plant the seeds with a kinda persistence that could only pay off at the end and bring more amazingness into your reality. 

Persistence is the source that waters and nourishes my seeds. 

Fertility. Passion. Unbounded creativity and flourishing unconditional love that compliments my spirits. Meet me in the path. Hold my hand. Hold my heart. Fly with me. Love me. Seduce me. Adore me. Caress the parts of my inner being that are hardened by the callously memories that once burdened me. 

Let’s be. You and me and we. One. Sacred solitude. Perfect alignment. Understanding. 

Lila – Maui, Hawaii 8-25-2014


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