March 28, 2014 2am

Uncovered. Dismantled. Protected by a higher force. I lay and weep. I watch and learn. In silence. I observe. The ways to be and not to be. Perspective. It changes the attitude. The present. The outcome.
Pulled by the strings of past missteps and I wish for sorrow to not follow me back.
Stretched. Cold. Blessed in all. At the ending point. Next to the start line. I see hope and call for her return.
I fall again. I pick the pieces and surrender to the wound. Untethered from the deepest darkness.
Emotions that feed the negative veil that covers my freedom and limitless mind. I jump high. I scream and cry and laugh and bliss out of my heart. The obscure and the light. All me. All one. All in here. The duality. The reality.
I’m here and there and nowhere to be found. I’m lost and it’s fine. No path to follow. Only to carve. What’s right what’s wrong. What’s a judgment if not our own that stops us from fully believing that is simpler than we know.
Shaken. Stripped. Humbled. Stronger. Faithful, and fearful too because it’s all good.
Release and control. I accept them both. Balance. Kindness. Gentle nurturing of my deepest truth yet to unfold.
Compassion first and foremost. So it begins with you. Yeah.. you and me. We are one as you might be thinking who’s the one involved. Same same no difference.
Aloness to be felt. In my core i feel. I want to help. To give and receive. Acceptance. Reliability. Love and understanding. On my own i ought to learn to be able to teach and share more than I could possibly imagine to receive.
I summon the prayer to the beings on call. Heart breaking i find support. I rely on my own. No one to depend on. I cannot share the scariest place in my soul. Not one to hear this song. It’s too much for some. I learn and move on. The true colors come on. I see. And for a moment there’s clarity in all. For i see deeper into your soul when I’m so drenched by the death of my own layers peeling off.
Detached and sore. I must continue. Forgive. Forget. The lesson is not done yet. It must carry on. The dance is to be enjoyed so i take my shoes off. Close my eyes. Feed my soul and dance to the beat of the mysterious new sounds that call me home. Deep, deep down and above. And all around too till I find my core.

Maui, Hawaii
March 28th, 2014

Pele energies… Big Island, Hawaii Sept 2013

As the clouds fade away
The stars begin to flicker their light
And the rain comes and washes away the density in the air.

I float in magnificence as the darkness become clearer.
I dive deep down the obscurest shadows of the ocean
And get lost in the uncertainty of the journey.

I submerge in the depths of the waters of my being
And start awaking to the light hidden within me.

I see beyond the layer of the slow unfoldment of this treasure
And dive deeper cradled and nurtured by the hands of perfection.

I surrender and flow with energies overwhelming me
And as fears try to check in
I stop and witness like an outsider the divine power that holds us all.

I rise above the surface to inhale my prayers and let go of my expectations.

The rain is gone and the starts flicker rapidly as I take flight to dance with the moon
And shine my light like the sun.

Pacha Lila
Sept 1st 2013 pahoa big island

Punto de Fase – Alonso del Río

Punto de Fase el el momento en donde todo sucede a la vez, es el tiempo donde todo se converge,

donde la dualidad se rompe en su propio juego, mostrando su cuádruple forma

y el Gran Espíritu respira para que todo comience de nuevo,

Punto de Fase ese el opuesto a un agujero negro, es un agujero de luz,

una puerta que conecta lo de adentro con lo de afuera, lo de arriba con lo de abajo.

Cuanto más nos acercamos a un punto de fase,

el tiempo se acelera hasta alcanzar la luz, luego, no hay mas tiempo, por un tiempo,

hasta que inicias un nuevo ciclo.

El tamaño  del ciclo no importa, sólo importa que mientras más grande es el ciclo que culmina,

Es mas fácil reconocer el punto de fase.

Todo se acelera, hasta convertirse en lo opuesto.

El día en la noche, lo interno en lo externo, el silencio en sonido, el dolor en luz.

Existen pequeños ciclos que forman parte de ciclos mayores y estos ciclos mayores están incluidos en otros más grandes aún

y así hasta llegar al ciclo mayor,

en el cual nuestro universo se expande casi eternamente y luego se contrae hasta llegar a su manifestación.

Quiénes entran a un punto de fase?

Todo lo que existe, todo lo que vibre.

Todo lo que se pueda expresar a través de un ciclo,

Un hombre, una cultura, una galaxia.

Estamos llegando a un punto de fase,

pero esto no significaría mucho sino fuera porque estamos entrando en fase con un ciclo mucho mayor,

uno que dura millones de años.

El tiempo del último día no es igual al tiempo del primer día.

El tiempo se está acelerando hasta volverse luz. Hasta volverse estrella.


Extraído del CD “Punto de Fase” Alonso del Río



There’s no words to express gratitude, only an attitude…

And I am so grateful for each and every moment and each and every person I meet on this path..

I could walk forever on this dance of life, knowing that each moment and encounter is a new day and a never-ending beginning.

There’s no end to this serendipity.. It’s all perfect.. The way it should be.. Always.
Why worry for the next step and lose track of your footsteps?
I walk blindly, yes. Because in my heart I only know the way is paved, and like the little prince said “what is essential, is invisible to the eye”
Cusco 2013

Cusco, May 2013

A day in my life.. Epic organic breakfast at Ollantaytambo, train ride with the locals to MachuPicchu for 3 bucks! Found the highest and weirdest  hostel by the river on Aguas Calientes (and on the door says “Spiritual Center” lol), best quinoa for dinner, steaming times at the Hot Springs, and the most amazing massage after that in town  by an angel, one of those sent from above, where serendipity is the greeter and life makes even more sense by the simple moments where you get to connect everything. And to “end” the night I walk into the hostel where a mamacha  dressed like a nun is walking before me and turns to me with a delicious sundae ice cream topped with cherries and chocolate, and as I open the door for her she offers me this “amrita” this nectar, as if saying “Here darling..taste the sweetness,  keep enjoying  life to the fullest, cuz at the end is only more sweetness waiting for you” .. Ahhh Wahe Guru!  Now off to sleep to the sound of water and the smell of the Apus married to the moon… (and a loud typical party  down in the corner that I hope ends soon :) )

Dear Stress:

Dear Stress:
You are stressing me out
Itching me down
Spinning me up
Dizzing me down
Hang overing me out
From sleeping in and not waking up.
You make me hungry
And I light up another smoke.
I need to stretch my body and my mind.
I need matcha green tea not coffee with milk.
Stop procrastinating do something right now.
Why am i clouding up instead of clearing up?
I have a routine now I can make it less stressful.
But for some reason I’m unmotivated, part of me craves change
Part of me dreads it because I’m tired of carrying change on my shoulders.
I need nature.
I need mountains and trees and greens all around me.
Surrounded by fairies with dusted sparkles in their eyes.
I need dance and movement and love in every corner.
Why can’t I see it and enjoy it all the time everywhere around?
It’s inside of me so why not shine it to the world. I know.
Make it explode, blind you out and protect you from the concrete.
I can’t even write. it’s so hard to find inspiration but no. I know how easy it is. Just come back to your center.  Find you within. Peace lays in there.
Just meditate and chant and pray to god that this too shall pass.
And all is good and all will be always good.
And so it is.
And so it is.
Miami April 2013

The Shift

We’re going thru a portal
Yes, don’t be afraid.
Just seize the change
And feel the pain.
It’s all within you
So just walk straight.
Let the energies flow thru your veins
And open your mind
So yo don’t hold tight.
These waves might be low
But the tides too strong.
So don’t hesitate
And just walk at your own pace.
You’re not alone
So don’t close up to these enormous waves.
Be quiet, be still, and just listen within.
What does your heart say
Why does your mind astray?
Be conscious and aware
For it is all here.
Just burst your bubble from inside out
And splash the world around
with that divine nature that you are.


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